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Willys MT Tug 6X6
« en: Lun, 02 Mayo 2005, 22:00:14, pm »
Voy a ponerlo los dos mensajes juntos que son de Rupicabra y las fotos del segundo post se han perdido.


In conjunction with The War and Peace Show at The Hop Farm in July and Jeep World Magazine, they will have on their stand one of the rarest Jeeps in the world "The WW2 Willys MT TUG 6X6 Jeep". Only 15 were ever built in late 1942 by Willys Overland as a test concept to go into production and be used by the US Marines. But due to its late arrival and the fact that other 6X6 military vehicles were being heavily used by US Forces, the Army saw no need for it, so hence it never went into full production.

In 1942, it was apparent that the US needed a slightly larger platform than the venerable Willys Jeep to perform light truck duties. The Willys was built into a 6x6 configuration and tried, experimentally, in a number of different roles. It appeared in armored, ambulance and anti-aircraft configurations, to name a few. Willys had great plans for the Super Jeep, and went so far as to print up advertising "slicks" for distribution to senior officers. Willys claimed the new Super Jeep weighed in at 3,100 lbs (compared to the usual 5,250 lb 4x4), would save 60 lbs of rubber , 2000 lbs of steel, could operate on 40% less fuel and 20% less motor oil. 65% of the Super Jeep's parts were interchangeable with the usual 4x4 design. The Super Jeep had a wider cowling, adding 10" to the width of the windshield as well. This picture below was taken in January of 1943, as the Super Jeep was being put through its paces in the sand dunes at Camp Gordon Johnson, Florida.
The version at left carried a 1-ton designation, even though it was the same 3/4 ton Super Jeep. This version is a personnel carrier carrying seats for 8 troops plus driver and passenger. The normal Jeep engine was used: the 4 cylinder Willys MB powerplant displaced 134 cubic inches, developing 60 hp, and had gave the jeep a top speed 55 miles per hour. This version carried 20 gallons of fuel, giving it a range of approximately 300 miles.
The 6x6 Super Jeep (right) also saw duty as a gun carriage, the version to the right sporting a 37mm AT cannon and armor for the gun crew. This version was tested in March of 1943. On this vehicle, the cannon faced the rear, and had a 360 degree traverse. In tests, the 37mm cannon was considered adequate, but lack of storage space in the Super Jeep and the lack of protection for the crew met with great criticism. An armored scout car version of this chassis also appeared (but no photo is available).

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Re: Willys MT Tug 6X6
« Respuesta #1 en: Mié, 04 Mayo 2005, 08:13:31, am »
A todo esto soo comentar que tbn hicieron por aquella epoca una verison del willy anfibia pero la tubieron que retirar pq se undia, lo siento pero no tengo foto, lo tengo en video ( a ver si saco un screeen y la pongo).Un saludox4
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Re: Willys MT Tug 6X6
« Respuesta #2 en: Mar, 24 Enero 2006, 21:10:51, pm »
Jo pues yo tengo fotos del anfibio en el libro "Clasical Jeeps" restaurao y parece que flota que da gusto.
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Re: Willys MT Tug 6X6
« Respuesta #2 en: Mar, 24 Enero 2006, 21:10:51, pm »