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que cosas, 1º tienes que poder ponerte derecho dentro de la furgo :-X

Hanging up the sun shower:

Hanging up the shower curtain:

Setting up the rubbermaid:

Before making a long road trip, I asked around what people do for showing on the road. Here are some of the responses I got:

    * Sponge bath in the sink of the van.
    * YMCA membership (or some other gym type place).
    * Find a friend in the area and use their house.
    * Use a university or college's facilities (this is what I generally do).
    * Several ideas by putting a shower outside the van. Here's one: Shower in front of your van.
    * Several links for hooking up hot water using the coolant from your van:
          o R&M camp shower
    * Several links for portable showers to use while camping.
          o Zodi
    * Putting a heat exchanger from the van coolant into the existing water tank. Then, put an extension to make the faucet in the sink extendable. Here's the links:
          o Sink faucet
          o Heat exchanger
    * Put a shower curtain in the Westy.

Well, during my road trip, I arrived at a university. They would not allow me to use the athletic facilities (needed an ID) and YMCA would have cost $140 (and then $40 a month). I decided to put a shower in my Westy. Here is what I bought (from Target and REI):

   1. 2 shower curtains ($6 each) (one wasn't quite big enough).
   2. 1 small hula hoop ($5)
   3. 1 shallow rubbermaid type container ($8)
   4. 1 length of nylon rope ($5)
   5. 4 large carabiners ($20), not really necessary, but makes it easier.
   6. 1 Sun shower ($15 - I already had this).
   7. My total cost: $48.

Some specifics of the construction and use:

    * The hula hoop has a fitting on it and I just pull the hoop off this fitting everytime I want to attach the curtain.
    * The forth carabiner attaches the hula hoop to the pop top latch. This one isn't easily seen in the photos and the assembly is pretty stable without it.
    * I have two loops in the rope holding the shower. One you can see in the photos. The other loop is lower and allows me to attach the shower and easily fill it when the pop top is down.
    * I dump the water out the sink when I'm done.
    * My rubbermaid is smaller then I would ideally like. When I'm done showering, I don't like taking too much time folding up the curtain and it ends up a bit messy. My rubbermaid doesn't quite fit the curtain unless I carefully fold it up.

I now just heat up water and pour it into my sun shower. I have found it takes about 40 minutes to set everything up, heat water, shower and then put everything away. I have only found a few drawbacks:

    * Steams up the windows of the van.
    * I need a bigger pot to heat water on the stove. Currently, I have two medium sized pots, and I have to use to use both of these twice (so four pot to fill).
    * The shower curtain stays a bit wet and needs to be dried occasionally.




yrvyrv: a ser q no... ;D...M gusta más esta última, la otra es un poco cutre... ;)

la ultima vae, pero la primera..... :o :o :o casi q me quedo sin ducharme...


--- Cita de: txejokin en Dom, 12 Junio 2005, 13:13:04, pm ---la ultima vae, pero la primera..... :o :o :o casi q me quedo sin ducharme...

--- Fin de la cita ---
Yo también prefiero la segunda, de echo, un amigo que tiene una california dice que se ducha fuera y el que no quiera mirar que no mire... y en la playa vale, pero si hay nieve, como en las fotos de arriba... pues haces lo que dice Txejo: no te duchas (más vale guarro que muerto de frío).
De todas formas, existe un sistema más sencillo que esa ducha: te pasas una esponja húmeda, luego una toallita dodot y otar vez la esponja húmeda y te dejas de inventos.


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