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Nuevo Jeep Rescue, Vuelve el Willys!!!

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--- Cita de: Volvista en Jue, 28 Abril 2005, 22:26:35, pm ---Los tiempos cambian, pero, el mitico Jeep, seguira siendo el de siempre, con sus bisagras de las puertas a la vista, y el diseño mas simple que una galleta, la diversion en el campo esta asegurada: Amantes de los TT, estais de enhorabuena, vuelve un clasico:


--- Fin de la cita ---


Algunas fotos más de este prototipo que me ha intrigado.....

Auburn Hills, Mich., Jan 04, 2004 -Designed for the most extreme situations and unforgiving conditions, the Jeep® Rescue concept is not only the ultimate type of search and rescue vehicle – it’s the ultimate execution of a Jeep off-road vehicle.

Combine legendary Jeep off-road capability with state-of-the-art search and rescue technology, the Jeep Rescue is designed to reach areas in the harshest, most daunting mountainous and desert areas.

“Jeep Rescue is the supreme trail search and research vehicle – one that only Jeep could build, “ said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President – Chrysler Group Design.

Classic Jeep Design Taken to An Exciting New Dimension and Extreme

Starting with a modern interpretation of the timeless, classic Jeep, the Rescue not only hints at a future design direction for a large Jeep – it builds on the rugged Jeep heritage to forge an exciting new dimension for the Jeep brand.

The Rescue can be configured to run almost totally “open” – with folding front windshield and a retractable backlite, a sliding glass sunroof in front, a fold-forward canvas roof in the rear, plus, all four doors are removable.

A Rugged Foundation

Featuring all-new body-on-frame construction with hydroformed frame rails and riding on an 80-inch wide chassis with 123-inch wheelbase and 37-inch tires, the Jeep Rescue is built for anything thrown its way. The front hydropneumatic suspension combines with the heavy-duty link-coil rear suspension to give the Rescue its solid footing on all terrain. The suspension has adjustable ride height and an additional 4-inch lift available for fording. The aforementioned 37-inch tires feature an MTR tread and run-flat capability, negating the need for a spare. On-board tire pressure control has the ability to “tune” tire pressures for maximum traction on all surfaces.

Unequalled Rescue Capability

Powered by a Cummins Diesel and featuring seating for five, the Jeep Rescue’s primary mission is rescue capability, and its list of rescue and safety equipment is impressive:

AC electric power (10 kW) generation in the field
3-D topographical mapping software and topographical navigation system
Under- chassis, point-of-view cameras for avoiding danger in its path
Passive, infrared (thermal) cameras for search and rescue
Satellite telephone; VHF radio, digital video recorder with satellite transmission capability
Retractable 4-point harnesses for vehicle occupants
Exterior perimeter lighting
White LEV lighting for long distance visual search and reduced power use
Folding seats in rear compartment of vehicle
Remote control winch – front and back
“The Jeep Rescue is Jeep capability taken to maximum extreme and that, being Jeep, is unmatchable,” said Creed. “It is everything the Jeep brand represents – in a vehicle equipped for unequalled search and rescue service.”


Muchisimas más Fotos e Info en este Link que os dejo:
Galeria Fotográfica Jeep Rescue
Un Saludo.

Ala pues nada otro que tampoco me gusta nada ;), que es feo, que seguro que va mal por el monte, etc, ains a ver cuando toca la loto esa de los we........os   :'(,mientras tanto a aguantar con L-200.Un saludox4

Pues para mi tiene muy wena pinta ... pero no lo veo x los montes Españoles ...un Saludo :P :P


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