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Presentacion de un frances! (in english)
« en: Sáb, 07 Mayo 2016, 22:03:11, pm »
Hola todos, Hello, Bonjour!

¡ Como no sé hablar bien / escribir español, voy a hacer mi presentación en Inglés, y una traducción abajo para los que no leen el Inglés, con el fin de que ustedes todos pudiera sacar provecho de eso!

So, my name is Yann, and i'm coming from north-east of France, near Nancy in Lorraine.

I'm on this forum looking for threads about 4x4, off-road equipment, self-doing, and friendship for sure.

I'm actually working on a 2006 Nissan Cabstar 35.13, recently modified bu Pere Maimi in Girona. The truck had a tipper, we removed it, and now we are finishing to clean and paint the chassis. Next step is sub-frame building (3 points pivot) and then, we will build our living cabin on it.

Everything will be self-built. We just received our pannels for cabin (30mm foam), but left them at storage untill we will need.

I hope to share with you, even if i don't speak spanish. I use to read and understand. Anyway, feel free to write me in spanish, I can use a translator if needed.

We've had visited some coutries like Finland or Japan, and we know there is allways a solution to communicate!

If you need information about spares parts in France for your vehicles, let me know.

Here is my truck just after transformation in Girona (hope picture is working...)

Tan, mi nombre es Yann, y vengo del nordeste de Francia, cerca de Nancy en Lorena.

Estoy sobre este foro que busca hilos sobre 4x4, el equipo fuera de
 caminos, autohaciendo, y la amistad seguro.

En realidad trabajo sobre 2006 Nissan Cabstar 35.13, recientemente modificó a Pere Maimi bu en Girona. El camión tenía un informante, lo quitamos, y ahora terminamos de limpiar y pintar los bastidores. El siguiente paso es el edificio de submarco (3 pivote de puntos) y luego, construiremos nuestra cabina de vida sobre ello.

Todo será autoconstruido. Justo recibimos nuestro pannels para la cabina (30mm la espuma), pero los dejamos en el almacenaje inantes de que nosotros necesitemos.

Espero compartir con usted, incluso si no hablo español. Suelo leer y entender. De todos modos, siéntase libre(gratis) de escribirme en español, puedo usar a un traductor de ser necesario.

¡Hemos tenido visitó algún coutries como Finlandia o Japón, y sabemos que hay allways una solución de comunicarse!

Si usted necesita la información sobre piezas de recambio en Francia para sus vehículos, me avisa.

Aquí está mi camión justo después de la transformación en Girona (que espero el cuadro(la imagen) trabaje ... )

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Re:Presentacion de un frances! (in english)
« Respuesta #1 en: Dom, 08 Mayo 2016, 11:07:37, am »
bienvenido y bonito camion. en este foro teniamos a un matrimonio que convirtio un camion como el tuyo en camper

Iveco Massif 5 puertas 146 cv

La muerte está tan segura de su victoria que nos da toda una vida de ventaja

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Re:Presentacion de un frances! (in english)
« Respuesta #2 en: Lun, 09 Mayo 2016, 13:34:28, pm »
Welcome to Foro4x4!
Nice truck! Please, put all the photos of the custom camper  8)
I travel habitually to France, is one of my favorite countries from Europe. Your food is very very good  ;D
We hope you put more information and photos about your truck experience  ::)
S, R y GS

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Re:Presentacion de un frances! (in english)
« Respuesta #3 en: Mié, 11 Mayo 2016, 21:54:15, pm »
Hey !

Thank you for your welcome!

I'm going to post some pictures soon,
About the camper cabin pictures, you should wait until next August / september, because I have to work on subframe before that.

French food is nice, but Spanish food is not so bad also !
Our last trip this year was in Tenerife : and it was awsome ; We didn't taste great cookings, but simply delicious paellas, fruits, cakes, honey, and ron-miel !

And for sure, our very best trip for food was... Japan. Curiously, everybody here think Japan food is only sushi, but no ; there are so much dishes, and sweets. We hope to go again just for food !

see you

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Re:Presentacion de un frances! (in english)
« Respuesta #4 en: Mié, 11 Mayo 2016, 22:15:34, pm »
Some information about our truck :

It a 2006 Nissan Cabstar 35.13 HD.
35 is for <3,5Tons max weight
13 is for 130ch engine power
HD is for Heavy Duty. That means the truck is a 4,5T built, and de-classified to 3,5T, and can be driven with car licence, not necessary truck licence.
The chassis beams are thicker than normal 3,5T built truck.

The 4x4 conversion by Pere Maimi can be done on this truck.
The interesting thing is that the truck is a heavy truck wich is working under maximum capacities, rather than a light truck wich is working at maximum loading.

Engine is a 3,0L TD, actually 80000kms.

Modification in 4x4 includes : Transfer box with pneumatic driving (4x4 / reduced gears) + front axle + new drive shafts + new wheels (single mount at rear instead of twins) and size (255/85R16 now and 185/75R16 at genuine).

Due to transfer box, the gear ratio is lower than genuine, but higher wheels diameter give normal speed, approximatively 110km/h at 3000rpm. Max speed is about 135km/h

Regarding the weight : the chassis / cabin truck is about 2 tons. So it remains 1,5ton to build subframe, camper cabin and interior.

Regarding size of camper : due to flat cabin of the Cabstar, we can build a 4,2m length cabin, wich allow a nice volume on this type of truck.